Chang Il Kim
By the time he served in the army, he had enjoyed a sweet break in the rough. When he saw a cloud like cotton candy, he thought he wanted to take this moment not to come back and he started to photograph. He finds something sparkling in the photographs and gets revitalized there. He wants to take a shiny picture like that.
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Josh White
Born on the small island of Newfoundland off the east coast of Canada, Josh White grew up with a hockey stick instead of a camera. After moving to Korea in 2007, he began taking photos during his daily commute and hasn’t stopped since. He now calls Iksan, South Korea home where he lives with his wife, Seonju.
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SooKyoung Kang
He is a photographer who uses both digital and film. He began taking pictures to capture the memories that had been forgotten. Just as short word or sentence lightly thrown in dramatic situations cause a wave of high emotions, he wants to take such a serene picture and pursues a photo with a lyricism.
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Tae Young Lee
He is a photographer who takes film pictures based on Seoul. He likes to put his heart in the picture and to look at it blankly. He thinks that photography can tell things that can not be said. Thus, he used to print photos with his heart in a darkroom and stack them in boxes that no one can see.
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